About Us

Noverax Healthcare Noverax Healthcare is a global healthcare company committed to “Caring for Life”. Noverax Healthcare is setting new standards in healthcare and have a passion for high quality medicine. We offer a fastest growing portfolio of more than 200 products. 100+ strong workforce is dedicated to creating better health for a better world.

We are unconventional, visionary and bold. We “connect the dots” others overlook. We see possibilities and bring them to life. We love to challenge the status quo and introduce new and better ways to help people everywhere enjoy a higher quality of life. Having the courage to be a force for constructive change is in our DNA.

We understand that “it’s not about us”—it’s about helping others—and we believe there’s no situation we can’t handle. We would do whatever it takes, work ‘round the clock, cross any river and spare no effort—all to meet someone’s need. We wrap our high-quality products in high quality service.